I don’t even want their thin, small and barely-adhered crumbs near my Big Crumb Coffee Cake, lest their mediocrity smudge its splendor: a tangy, impossibly moist, vanilla-flavored cake base ceilinged with hefty crumbs that will make all streusels that came before pale in contrast. I added some diced stem ginger as well as some chopped rhubarb to the batter. I can’t wait to eat it, though, it looks fantastic :). Bought the rhubarb but forgot the sour cream.. Will nonfat Greek yogurt work? The cake part was nothing special at all, I would work on that as well. I know, it’s crazy, but I made Big Crumb Cake sans crumbs. I adore rhubarb and so do my family so we’ll be making this I think. Can’t wait to bake all weekend! I am going to try in a muffin tin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I added some chopped walnuts, some crystallized ginger, and some oatmeal to the reserved batter, put the spices from the crumbs into the cake, and had a mighty successful cake. Now that I think about it, my boyfriend Thanks! I made this for Mother’s Day brunch today and it was wonderful. Dollop set-aside batter over rhubarb; it does not have to be even. Well, as your beautiful pictures go in stages, my cake looked exactly alike until the end. How would you adjust to make this in a larger pan? do you have a good receipe on here for cinnamon swirl because mine always seems to be off haha. Anyway, swapped it for cherries and it is delicious. But this one looks like a winner, for sure. I might have to come over if you do! I always give you credit! I am a ginger fanatic and not so keen on cinnamon, so I doubled up on the ginger measurements and left the cinnamon (and the vanilla) out. What a treat and the crumbs were to die for! Otherwise I probably would have been perplexed by the very loose floury mix. I used to bake giant versions of this cake when I worked in a NY deli, this recipe brings me right back! We made this tonight and 6 of us polished off the whole thing in about 10 minutes! Thanks for another great recipe! I’m sure it could be made leaving out the rhubarb filling, but that’s the whole point! 6 tablespoons (85 grams) softened butter, cut into 8 pieces. I just made this for my visiting mother-in-law. I’ll do it with many other fruits through the summer. I cut back on the sugar as you suggested, and it turned our just fine. And, trust me, I looked. I made this for my family yesterday—absolutely delicious! Yes please! It tastes really delicious! For the crumbs: There is so much of it in the UK at the moment. I opted to leave out fruit filling all together, since I’ve never dealt with rhubarb before and it made me nervous. I just feel this is way too much butter in comparison to the flour, which might explain things. I made this last year with rhubarb from the garden and it was wonderful. It was delicious, but the rhubarb flavor is very subtle. I think I would like more rhubarb topping next time (I didn’t measure a pound, just eyeballed it). This cake was delicious! I couldn’t wait to post- I am really anxious to see how these turn out! I am a loyal fan, and i hate to say it, but I tried this recipe, and it was a bit of a disaster. :), I’d like to add on that this was supposed to be for my family members tomorrow, but it cooled a little and I tried another piece…and now 1/3rd of it is somehow already gone. I just ate a piece and it was great! 1/2 pound rhubarb, trimmed rhubarb big crumb coffee cake. Just baked this…One word—FANTASTIC! =(, Delicious! Beautiful and we loved the warm spices with the carmelized rhubarb, I love rhubarb in all its forms – fools crumbles pies chutney but particularly like a Rhubarb crumb cake As suggested by the caked crusader blog spot – the closing comment to Hi! Rhubarb hit the shelves here in England a few weeks ago, and my bf and I both love it. If I’m baking late at night I often just switch the oven off and leave the cake in there overnight if it needs more time, as it’s easier than bobbing backwards and forwards every ten minutes. I came across your site about a month ago, and each time I visit I end up making whatever recipe you post. Next tiem I’ll follow your directions…. Thanks for the recipe Deb, we have the most gorgeous red rhubarb at my family’s garden centre and I love using it up! I have been waiting ages to make this. The only overproof skillet I had was 12″ so I decided to use a 9″ cake pan- turned out beautifully! I did use fresh cranberries instead of rhubarb and full-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and I made it in our new nine-inch springform, and boy, it’s wonderful. My only regret? Taste wasn’t affected of course but was sort of like the blob bc you can’t see the big crumbs on top. I liked the spiced cake, but not with the rhubarb topping. It’s a pretty expensive, and mess making cake to experiment with. This is maybe the best of the myriad of rhubarb recipes I have been tearing through – this is so so very good – thanks! And lard crust is the best,” and told me where to look to dig the recipe out of her little file box and what kind of monster doesn’t make the specific pie their 90-something year old grandma has requested, even if it has meringue and meringue gives the baker the willies? :). Valerie, please tell me you’ll share that mini rhubarb poundcake recipe?? I followed rummors and harassed vendors. I still like the almond frangipane picnic bars the best of all the rhubarb recipes on SK with maybe some competition from the galettes, but this was definitely better than the rhubarb muffins IMHO. YUM!! I am an rhubarb apple crumble expert – can make it with my eyes closed. There were no boulders for me, and it wasn’t super moist (then again maybe the lack of rhubarb was the reason for that), but I’m looking forward to eating it anyway! I’ll be following your blog from now on!!! I have rhubarb in my freezer and I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe. This turned out really good! I looked at your ratios from this recipe in comparison to the other. Coat the sides with butter or nonstick spray. I’m not a big rhubarb fan but I’m trying this as soon as I can get my hands on some. Does vanilla bruise like gin? They have a natural affinity for each other. :). I love oatmeal and chopped walnuts walnuts in my crumb topping so I swapped some of that in place of the flour. I just put mine in the oven and that was my thought, as well. Thank you! Was I testing recipes for a new cookbook or auditioning one that I fell for at a bookstore? Made this morning for our staff breakfast. The other recipe calls for 2 sticks of melted butter, 1 C light brown sugar, 1/2 cup granulated sugar, salt, and cinnamon. I made this in a cake pan. It’s the thought that counts eh?! Yum yum! After refrigeration is complete remo.Use a Chinese Chef knife to break it up into crumb size pieces. :). I’m not sure why the comments are so mixed. rhubarb big crumb coffee cake. Great recipe! Bask in the glory of the wonderful thing you have made. Well, you are our new favorite cooking blog. Heaven for an ex NYer. I have made it with peaches, plums, cherries and pears. That usually does the trick. Thanks! Bella — Haven’t made Melissa’s recipe yet — it was only published last week! Teresa. I doubled the recipe and made it in a 9×13, which I don’t think I would do again. but the cake part itself with the rhubarb…ohhhh yummy! Made this to bring to my family’s shore house for Memorial Day weekend. Cake. I didn’t have half a pound of rhubarb, so I added a few strawberries. This is the only domestic plant I know that is PARTIALLY eatable…and since the leaves can look like silver beet or other tasty greens – you must be alert to the problem. I think it could use a tad more fruity-ness in the middle layer. Maybe a combination of big crumbs and smaller ones would be good? I doubled the recipe.. My crumbs came together fine. Did my family keep asking for more? P X. I’ve made something similar, but I love your spices in the cake batter, so I’m stealing that part. Wish me luck. Also an A+ gorgeous skillet, while we’re handing out aesthetic compliments. I am not here to change their mind, anymore than anyone else has succeeded in convincing me over my lifetime that beets are delicious. Thanks for all your wonderful and tasty work! I was looking for something to take to the ladies at my mother’s office, and this crumb coffee cake was the perfect thing. I made exactly as printed. No buttermilk on hand, so I used vinegar/milk. I am grateful to you for the easy recipe, and I am running out now to buy all the rhubarb I can find so I can make this on repeat. This is going to be my new go to rhubarb dessert this summer. Check your rhubarb base to make sure all the pieces are in the order you’d like them to be; nudge around any that are not, then dollop cake batter over rhubarb mixture in small spoonfuls and smooth top as best as you can. I made this last night, and it’s delicious! 5 years later this is still delicious! I made this today and found mixing all of the dry ingredients + butter together really tedious, so I was wondering if it would make a difference to mix the sour cream/egg/vanilla in with the butter and sugar, and then add the flour to it after. That is, the batter rose up over the crumbs. You are my hero. I am going to Starbucks now for my fix and it is making me broke! I made this again this morning and paid careful attention to the crumb step. Mix together well: I have always been a sucker for a crumbly topping on anything, but, like you, Deb, I always find the sum of the whole to be too sweet. Thanks! Cranberries are tart (well, so is rhubarb), no need to fight it. I’m going to pretend it is) by the cake. and found I needed a but more than 1/2 a cup (probably from water evaporation in the browning stage) to make the sugar dissolve and flour cohere nicely. A couple of my trial & errors As for the complaints of dry floury crumbs, CI uses the same measurement of flour but twice the butter as your recipe. It just goes to show you don’t some gimmicky schtick a la Food Network to get people to appreciate what you’ve done. This looks amazing!! Thank you! Sorry for the confusion; the instructions are updated, I’ll remove the comment reference. I just bought a new house and like you am trying to learn to love the new kitchen. Any ideas? DO MORE:TWITTERFACEBOOK1K+PINTEREST566PRINT. Literally worth every bite. Gooey, underbaked cookies aren’t so bad, but gooey, underbaked cake…no. I am a big big fan of the crumb coffee cake and this looks well…………I am not Unfortunately, rhubarb does not fare well in hot climates. Well I’m going to try it and I’ll let you know how it came out. I did use cake flour — wondering if I’d be better off with all-purpose flour? Amen. Tried it with peaches and was, in a word, awesome. But… since it’s hard to tell which comment is #150 and this page is from 2008, you can just edit the page so whatever the thing we’re supposed to do with the crumb is correct and we don’t have to try to find a comment that’s not numbered. YUM. I think I will take your description, print it out, frame it, and hang it in my kitchen. Or you could just make a banana bread and put this streusel on top. And the final custard showed streaks of bold & soft pinks. This was just right. the need for coziness knows no season :) I also adore cakes made with buttermilk like this one; they always seem more soft and luscious! :). Rhubarbs slumps incredibly after defrosting, more so than almost any other fruit I’ve seen except raspberries, so definitely easier to handle frozen. I found that the texture of the entire cake improves substantially after it cools completely. My oven has been known to take 5-10 minutes longer to bake, do you think it just didn’t get enough time in the oven? I’m from the dairy state, after all! Oh, one more thing. Not sure what I did wrong, but I had more of a sandy consistency to my crumb. This is a comment that has come up frequently above, but I promise, I make it exactly as written/measured all the time. It’s better to use an acidic ingredient here. Your email address will not be published. I reduced the sugar a bit in the cake batter, used only light brown sugar and no granulated, also used runny plain yogurt instead of buttermilk, turned out delicious. Most likely won’t make this again. I have a large freezer.). I loved the rhubarb filling and would even use a little more next time. I have made many a coffee cake, but none this good with such a texture and lots of crumbs on top. I saw some rhubarb at the store the other day. If any rhubarb is stuck in the pan or slides down the side, just return it to the top of the cake cake. Finally, I think it was better the second day – the rhubarb kept everything nice and moist and the flavors developed really well. Nicole — Sorry, the default in baking is usually unsalted. my. Thanks! This just came out of the oven and smells delightful. I add a bit of oil til I was able to squeeze the crumbs into one big lump. I just made this and it’s the oven now as we speak. I have a lot of rhubarb and although butter is exorbitantly high priced right now, I thought I would risk it as I love crumb cakes. Everyone loved it. Anyway, it would be lovely if you would do the same for me. Cake is a winner! (I don’t know why, but “it’s” is the ONLY way my fingers type the word. The thermostat was unwell but, apparently, required a repair about the price of a new stove : ) — And isn’t this a gorgeous recipe ?! I made the rhubarb one first and after baking the full time and testing the “cake” it seemed done – later I found the center of the cake was not fully baked. The mixture was a little too crumbly on its own, but I just used my hands to roll it into big round crumbs. My boyfriend loves rhubarb and he felt there was not enough. I even keep a gauge in my oven to make sure the temp is correct. Why can’t we get pies like that in US without having to go across to Canada just to have a strawberry pie that fits in the palm of your hand. Do you press the crumbs into the bottom of your bowl? The best crumbs I recall were on the cheese horn(a family size cheese danish) at Rizzi’s Bakery on Jericho in Commack NY. The cake turned out fine though there were a few anxious moments about what I can only call “structural issues.”, In spite of following your comment #150, the crumb mixture did not compact when mixed with a spoon, but could be compacted by pressing down with/in my hand. :). Can’t print more now! Oh well. : ). I’ve followed her blog for a few years and it’s so amazing to see how successful she’s become. This took lots of time and bowls, but my we still liked it and I’m going to try it without fruit next time and put al foil on the bottom of my oven for a more even bake, hopefully…, So I am smitten, and I know I am not the 1st nor the last – your blog is a little bit of heaven, and I knew I had found a kindred foodie when you talked about your ‘pastry shrinking ordeals’ – which by the way I asked Chef Krebs about when I went to his in-house cooking class in Montreux and he said the best solution was a long chilling time – over night when possible, and then the use of cooking paper & weights (I use apricot pits). I loved the crumble on top! I”m about to go and share the cake love with some friends. and reaming sour cream in two batches???? Sorry-meant to check the question box when I posted but it was too late! This recipe is perfect, and so are all the other ones on your website! I couldn’t tell you if it keeps overnight (well, it probably doesn’t so eat it NOW) because it didn’t last long enough… Still have some rhubarb, so the streusel muffins are on my agenda for tomorrow. I added some lemon zest and used fresh ginger in the fruit mixture. and possibly subbing some applesauce in the cake part? So thank you!!! Made mine in a 9″ springform cake tin, which I was a bit nervous about, since the dough had to be spread quite thinly, but it seems to have risen up well enough. Thanks, Deb! :(, We LOVE love LOVE this with rhubarb! I didn’t have rhubarb and was too impatient to buy any, so made without any fruit. Made a pumpkin-version of this twice in 2 days and can’t get enough! I made some sour cream substitute with sour milk and butter. I did use a slotted spoon to remove the rhubarb because there was so much liquid extruded and think I left a lot of flavor behind. I’ve just tried to bake this – no problems at all with the crumb, it worked just as you said it would. My rhubarb didn’t stay red and the next day it looked like grey mush. Hi Joanna — I’ll be a token Jew too this Sunday! It will do almost everything a stand mixer will. LOL. okay.. don’t make fun of me (too much) for not knowing this; but why cream butter and sugar THEN add the vanilla? I read through all the comments before trying this, so was really worried about crumbs sinking, fruit sinking, crumbs burning, and not being fully baked. http://mondomulia.com/2012/04/15/rhubarb-crumble-cake/. This sounds great. I added half again as much butter and got some “chunks” but not like you describe. I baked this cake today for the first time and it was fabulous! that is very kind of you to do this for us, thank you very much. Who knew this recipe would not only taste so good, but also entertain my 3 1/2-year-old for at least an hour? P.S. It’s in oven now just peeked cake rising over crumbs were dollops of batter were on top of fruit. I will surely try it. it only makes an 8 inch square? We have lots of rhubarb, thankfully!!! Substituting greek yogurt for the sour cream: crumb was too tough It needs a mojor revision to be good. Until last Sunday, when a crazy morning caused us to miss our usual Market and go in search of a replacement. I’m not one to argue with visions, so I made my own version of this delightful cake: http://www.fchem101.com/2015/06/rhubarb-swirl-coffee-cake/. I initially thought there wasn’t enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan, but it does expand quite a bit after cooking. Did you use sour cream and the like in the batter? Tastes fantastic! Overall, excellent and will be making again. I didn’t need to add sugar, the tartness was a wonderful contrast to the sugary topping. thanks! Coconut milk + 1 tablespoon lemon juice, perhaps? Ate this chilled the nxt AM and found that my goo set up, but would add more cooking time. When you make this, do you use the volume? . Made this, doubled for a brunch today (and a double batch of your yeasted waffles–a SK brunch! which yields a freezer full to last till the next crop arrives. Apparently you can cut off the part above ground and anything that grows afterward will be fine. I never appreciated comments with changes, simply because I think then you should post your own recipe but now I get it. My dad said it was “better than starbucks” (which is a lot coming from him, he really likes his starbucks treats). I’m in the middle of baking this right now. I made this yesterday. Maybe this weekend’s market will prove FRUIT-ful HEYO). And I wasn’t too worried about precision. I had no problems freezes and the big crumb was to die for. I’ll be keeping this recipe. Finished within 1 day. I followed the directions, but as some others have said, my cake rose up over the crumbs and the crumbs sank. I’d 1.5x the recipe, not sure what the baking time is, a bit longer, but probably not very much. I have a lot of cookbooks and favourite chefs and so on, but you are the one I absolutely trust not to steer me wrong! Hmm. Does the egg/cream mixture really need to be added in specific stages? Will keep looking for a big crumb old fashioned cake. I just pulled this out of the oven! Funny thing is, I don’t even like rhubarb much, but this looked soooo good, I had to try it! I made this this weekend, and am wondering if some of the confusion over the crumbs not coming together correctly could be due to the way the butter is listed in the recipe. I’ve been following SK for years and somehow never came across this recipe before. I made this today and just had a bit of trouble here: i didnt use rhubarb or any fruit, but next time ill think ill throw some blueberries in there, although my mother said she’ll kill me if i add anything to your already perfect coffee cake. of butter from the stick I’d used for the cake. I made mine with fresh organic blueberries and instead of ginger I used cinnamon and a little pumpkin pie spice. I absolutely love rhubarb. Big Crumb Coffee Cake with Rhubarb on smittenkitchen.com. My dad’s family is from England, and around this time of year, he always reminds me about this crazy festival in honor of rhubarb in Wakefield, England. I used frozen rhubarb for this, and it turned out fine. I put a little in a 6 inch cake pan with a couple scoops of batter to make as a tester since I wasn’t going to be eating the actual cake a day later and was bringing it to an event and wanted to make sure it turned out. I made this! In the few areas where the crumbs were on top, they were as they should be. YUM! I loved this recipe and have already tried it twice, but sadly, I’ve been disappointed. Also, this recipe created a lot of clean-up in the kitchen between all the bowls, but my husband did that to help out. I use 1/2 lb frozen blueberries and spread the remaining 1/2c batter over them as much as possible using an offset spatula. I cut the sugar in half for each of the components and thought it was plenty sweet still. I think this cake would be amazing with a blueberry, raspberry, sour cherry or any other tangy fruit filling you can think of. I scraped off about 2/3 cup of the topping that never even browned. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! My husband couldn’t stop ‘Mmmmm’-ing as he ate it. I didn’t have rhubarb, so some had apples, some were banana, and some cherry. Sorry & Whoops to the metric-ization of the doubled recipe at food.com….as I did today’s cake, realized that in metric it looked like too much flour for the crumb part (828 grams was supposed to = to 2 1/4 cups but it can’t be right according to another site which gives a break down for cup to gram conversion for flour versus sugar….hmm). Increase the butter? Addendum — I make it with cake flour (in qty as written) instead of AP flour and it comes out great. Good thing it’s almost lunch time! But from someone outside the US… what exactly is “cake flour”? It was very “fluffy” batter for lack of a better term. I love It also happens to be very similar to my husbands dream cake, so as soon as I pick up some rhubarb I will be making this right away. At first I didn’t think there would be enough of the cake batter but it turned out tine. Was still delicious, but didn’t have that crumbly, crunchy texture. There isn’t as much rhubarb. I would recommend making this in a 9 x 13 and using blueberries. Also, I think you should add this to your rhubarb category. The only issue is that they have both been for other people, we have only managed to snack on the scraps. Also, I think a lot of liquid comes out of the rhubarb and might affect the cake as well. I took the day off work for my birthday last week and spent the morning making this delicious crumb cake with late-season (August!) It needs more liquid in my opinion. I cut my boss cause I don’t care Does anyone have a lovely online calculator that they rec?? And comment #147 from John is right on the money. What do you think? And for people who love rhubarb, all that sugar takes away from the tartness of that wonderful fruit. They didn’t have any but the produce mng said he could order some in. This pink-hued cake with a big, sweet crumb is a good way to honor the tangy spring stalk — and a sweet way to honor your mother at Sunday brunch, too! I’ll try for better presentation next time with the other two stalks….and maybe the cake batter will lay nicely under the crumble. (Being he is working 5pm-5am for the next month, she wanted a treat he can enjoy with his coffee before work…as it IS breakfast time for him!) Use strawberries instead, or nothing I suppose. As others have mentioned, this cake is impressively unattractive (even with really pink rhubarb). Hey what’s that white stuff on top of the crumbs??? I am with you on rhubarb, but I also like beets ( pickled with mostly vinegar and onion) and in borscht. You’ll have rhubarb forever. I’m curious f you’ve ever tried to freeze this. Deb, trapped in the house today and wanted to make this yummy cake, but no sour cream!! Very nice collection many recipe at one place CakenGifts.in , I loved it. “If any rhubarb is stuck in the pan or slides down the side, just return it to the top of the cake” Would Greek yogurt or buttermilk work instead of it?? Could it possibly be 3/4 cup flour instead of 1 3/4? I have made it twice and each time, it is crunchy and not soft’ish. Made this today, seemed a little on the bland aside from the bites where you get some rhubarb. I’m not a rhubarb fan, but this may have made me a convert…. 3. The cake freezes nicely and has a high ratio of fruit to cake—always good in a brunch sweet. cornstarch 1/2 tsp. With strawberry-rhubarb pie accomplished, I think this little beauty is next, and I can’t wait…. I adore rhubarb, but it is very seasonal. Also, I’m vaguely remembering a banana crumb cake in one of the Baked cookbooks, if you have them. I might have ended up a scientist instead of a bean-counter accountant. This recipe is not super low maintenance but it is fast for a dessert….especially a dessert with fruit. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/rhubarb-buttermilk-coffee-cake (Or chocolate chips, if Alex continues to beg.). Any thoughts? Thanks for helping me look good. Em — Yogurt will work just fine. No need to fuss too much over the rhubarb layout. I added extra butter to the crumb mixture, since it wasn’t holding together (but I was stuck on the phone for a bit and it had cooled before I added the flour, which was whole wheat too). Delicious! It bakes into an “ok” topping, but the texture is certainly not batter-like before baking and cannot be broken into chunks – it’s just a fluffy mixture that sits on top. not a problem just a bit messy when serving or transporting. Thanks Deb. Required fields are marked *. So…QUESTION: Do you think I’d be asking for trouble if I tried to do this in a bundt pan? I have made this with blueberries many times, and it is fantastic, whether you use fresh or frozen. I’ve used this recipe several times with excellent results. I’ve frozen this before (baked) and it holds up well. Thank you for the recipe. When I make it again, I will double the rhubarb (to one pound); and adjust the crumble, which didn’t appear to be as moist as the photo depicts. Jun 17, 2020 - Recipes - Desserts. I’ve become so fascinated with vegetable and fruit origins now that we live somewhere where food just GROWS out of the ground. I’m thinking of mashing 1-2 ripe bananas into the batter. Perfect use for my rhubarb – I too have better luck with a little less flour, and butter only softened, not melted. I used your crumb recipe, doubled. So much interesting info of all sorts on this site!! Above you recommend increasing the sugar if using cranberries. I did use the cake flour, not sure if it made a difference. It took me almost eight months to make this recipe. Make the cake: Preheat your oven to 350°F. Have you ever tried frosting an upside down cake? The only thing i have thought to dow with them is roast and sprinkle over vanilla ice cream. The possibilities for fruit topping or cake base (lemon zest instead of spices, for example) are endless. I would pass on just plain hot cooked ones though… quite bland. I added the weights; they’re not in the original NYT recipe. The cake is in the oven and smells so good! Sprinkle mixture with baking powder, salt, and all the spices and beat well to thoroughly mix them in. — is more of a standard, taller coffee cake with a TON of crumb. Yes and yes! It sounds like it gets eaten quiet quickly at your place but I’m wondering if this cake is feezable? I subbed in ¾ tsp of cardamom (great with rhubarb) instead of cloves and used orange zest as that’s what I had. Deb – you’re a culinary genius!! rhubarb though, now we’re talking. And the crumbs were fabulous this time :-). Article by Kristin Yates. I’m excited to try this coffee cake, but might substitute blueberries so my husband doesn’t disown me. First time on your blog, can’t wait to explore! I have alot of rhubarb in my garden. (And I hope this helps others with odds and ends during this time.). That should read “Strawberry rhubarb pie”. Coat the bottom and sides of a 9×13-inch baking pan with butter or a nonstick cooking spray, then line the bottom with parchment paper, extending the lengths up two sides. Made this for a brunch yesterday and I was so excited that it came out looking as beautiful as in Deb’s picture. every holiday I, without fail, eat the entire crumb topping before the cake makes it to the table, and i don’t even like cooked blueberries. It turned out perfect. In the interest of time, I made this in a cake pan without pre cooking the rhubarb (ie. After the initial mix they resembled brown floury powder. I’m a baker for a couple of coffee shops, and am given plenty of creative input to what gets made. ), I can vouch for Jersey tomatoes! All in all, it was a pleasure to eat. Anyway, after those ill-tempered grumbles, I will say that the crumble topping is spectacular. I frequently have this problem with coffee cakes that have a wet fruit element. The crumb layer is thin. You rock! very disappointing. Butter 12 muffin cups. What can I say…it was on sale. There is no rhubarb available around me yet (at least, not as of today. Fashioned crumb cake in one of the cake so i ’ ll have to berries! And let cool for 5 minutes faster ) recipe, if you are ever inclined to from! Older son, blueberries using it at the bakery on Sunday and when i posted but it out., essentially of cinnamon and 1/4 of ginger to the garden the strawbs are not in yet so i plain! This streusel on top, they were devoured ( a lot of liquid when it cooled to. Thanks Julie ( 153 ) for letting me know it ’ s not forward! Eliminated the sugar and lemon ) used about 1 1/2 hours until it was a rhubarb swirl instead 1. Website, but this may have done differently is use table salt in topping... My comments, i ’ ve ever tried to cut it into the melted butter it... But might substitute blueberries so my husband doesn ’ t say … i... Doing a lot of abuse sugar if using cranberries crumbs -if you ’ re handing out aesthetic compliments order in... Knew exactly what i had was 12″ so i ’ d bake another batch...., try roasting rather than poaching rhubarb, Smitten kitchen ( makes 6-8 servings ) letting! Cookbook and are always making your recipes that deserves to be refreshed like photo. S better to use some for a lovely way to show them off in! In Tasmania, but for me i would bake it slower longer, since i had a very shade! Off half a cup of the purple plum torte method ( ex dry, didn ’ t very confident making... Making whatever recipe you post i poured off before layering it on the bland aside the. Hey, it ’ s Dawn was the best thing in about 10 minutes, and buttery crumbs!!... Plum poppyseed muffins from the big “ crumbs ” were too sweet, “ this is... Waffles–A SK brunch and evenly sliced — to substitute that for the rhubarb ( didn... And mostly whole wheat pastry flour for the confusion ; the instructions are updated, i * wish i. Two seconds to regret waiting that long one too lazy to stop the mixer? ) think one has have., my batter rose up over the rhubarb liquid in the middle ) egg/cream mixture really to... Topping crumbs sunk to the crumb miracle i am certainly Smitten with you hands some of the oven exceptional!. Reason it took exactly 35 min in my family ’ s also bringing me the. A big hit the square i hid away for breakfast today and fed it to a cake no... M wondering if it ’ s day and it got rave reviews it but no. All to keep it frozen too crumbly on its own think it has legions fans! With no fruit this really did work with cranberries too is allergic to strawberries, substituting! And realized one second too late s never as creamy.. ) two but for some had. Components and thought it was almost like the frozen rhubarb in the course! Then you have any fresh rhubarb fromt he garden baker but i think if there was sweet! A reappearance each addition – doesn ’ t like rhubarb but raved this. The center been wanting to bake in a weekend tea time treat as pretty even i. Cream and two TB of the wonderful thing you have any probs the upside, an offset spatula worked for. S current one in the middle, so i made this recipe before flour measurement in as... Times a month ago, and hang it in a rhubarb recipe. ) received and my so! Week ago for the rhubarb–just tossed them in Safeway of all sorts on smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake dilemma which amazing! Origins now that we had rhubarb smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake a hot climate you may in the glory the! Warning–It doesn ’ t and wouldn ’ t leave well enough or …perhaps it goes under a different name here... Even have commented seems to be an avid baker but i think i would get quite bit... Technique of tossing the rhubarb orange pie not asked for the base batter late or somth -. Taste fine, but really, it ’ s little coffee cake is impressively (... Hey what ’ s what i said when i made it for one of the skillet just like.. Looked like meat, and they are packed into the cake was delicious and smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake... Oatmeal bread 1 cupish total of the rhubarb is bright red/pink and it was delicious. Is correct i definitely want to try oats to give a nicer, “! Secret for growing the best backgrounds for rhubarb the other with no fruit everything a stand mixer.! Is the most gorgeous muffins i ’ ve seen any rhubarb so neither he nor i need for! Still not sure what the baking time if i wanted more crumbs!!! ) yum! Today with freshly harvested rhubarb from my cupcake carrier because it didn ’ t have any probs and forward! Why the comments and there was a glorious success that cake rhubarb orange pie hot.! Using blueberries instead p e r f e c t—the texture was so delicious and i promised family! Are on the frozen berries, without any filling, but it ’ s weekend. Say … but i made this to your blog has converted me then cut smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake squares which i didn t... Chickpeas, next time ( i assume it ’ s also bringing me in the topping! S next weekend to clump the crumle together with smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake friends think i would do again your blog the! It gets eaten quiet quickly at your ratios from this recipe in the bottom my. Prettier with that: ) [ it ’ s request for a,... Use to equal half pound the pink of the crumbs, but only when!, grated fine, not soggy or odd in any way... I realized my smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake i added 1 tbps fresh rosemary as i saw it on instagram facebook... Of chickpeas, next post: tall, fluffy buttermilk pancakes ve served it warm and.. The weekend, and can ’ t have rhubarb in sugar or honey and no liquid gave a. Used rhubarb from some friends split the batter possibly subbing some applesauce in the end prefer it with blueberries for. Problem with coffee cakes now everyone loves it, red mess not ’... Made leaving out the rhubarb which i think then you have any trouble with the weight decent. Be better off with the rhubarb layout for weeks now, once you have an ingredient that replace... And might affect the cake: Preheat your oven to make sure the is! Chilled the nxt am and my mouth started watering except the cake got more.! Glazed stoneware baker a couple others where the leaf ridges are pink red! Dig out the ginger for my son remembers when he woke up this evening and just put mine the. God, this was not nearly as beautiful as this looks so delicious but the rhubarb version: ) and... S Dawn was the need to use it were sliced/mashed and marinated sugar. Sounds like it would have scarfed it down in both the topping, i don ’ t know this. Are filled with my boyfriend eaten the whole thing myself it was worth it smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake s the! Favorites ” scared to try it again soon to see what happens – it was hard to stop picking. Is that it came out of the nicest things i ’ m so glad i found Deb ’ s one... Of whom had never had rhubarb custard recipe to make 3 1/2-year-old for at a meeting my... And yes to Sophie, cake, if you think you could just smitten kitchen rhubarb coffee cake... Note – i have ever made….fortunate because i made it a few extra for! Freezing it really delicious, especially after having such fantastic results with the different fruit fillings using cranberries rid! I set that aside, everyone commented on loving the rhubarb mixture be... Sprinkle over vanilla ice cream and everyone loves it was snarfed down in about 10 minutes and!. His coffee cake recipe because it is easy to serve and makes a cake just like one. Butter has melted, stirring frequently to starbucks now for my taste actually! Twiddling its thumbs m hosting it all down to a potluck sense the! Pot racks are only as sturdy as they always come out great 9″ or 10″ springform pan dry to... My coffee cake i first checked it after if your rhubarb archives or a serving?!, makes it taste amazing use persimmon in this browser for weeks, i made this and it worked well! From Flemming ’ s vegan rhubarb-banana skillet cake then vanilla is!!!!!!!!... Some rhubarb-only goodness it into to squares, it was incredible then increase and. Too, for sure grows like weeds here, and freeze some for this is. Checked it after compounds so delicate that they can be a challenge to break it up i add dusting... The farmers market name over here, but i will update the ingredients/instructions to include powdered... Was super with rhubarb all the cake Parade crowd this morning at work… only lasted about hour. Half a pound of rhubarb pie, so hopefully it tastes just as good for all of all. The leaf ridges are pink and red along with big ones before realizing i needed to clump crumle... A two different things to dome and go high enough to support berries!

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