thankyou for helping us. If I pay the property taxes that are now past due, how do I prevent the son from gaining access later should he recover from drugs and get his act together? So my question is this: How would the courts decide ownership interest since A) I have 100% responsibility for ownership costs & usage and more importantly B) I’ve paid her back for purchasing the property (will they take this into consideration if I have checks going to her since acquiring the property?). Pam, You need more help than we can give you here. My dad passed away a few years ago and left a property in florida which i have been paying taxes for 10 years. Is your name attached in some other way, perhaps on the mortgage? If not, then you can leave the property and it will be up to her to continue to make the mortgage and property tax payments. These four classifications are outlined in the Alabama Code as follows: All property of utilities used in the business of such utilities, All agricultural, forest, and residential property, and historic buildings and sites, All private-passenger automobiles and motor trucks of the type commonly known as “pickups” or “pickup trucks” owned and operated by an individual for personal or private use and not for hire, rent, or compensation. I am currently paying off the delinquent house taxes from 2014 from my deceased moms house in Los Angeles county CA. If that’s the case, you should inform the current owner, presumably your grandchildren, that you will no longer pay these taxes, so they can make other arrangements to have them paid. We can’t find a will and she has one living son. Does he have any rights to change the deed from my grandfathers name into his own? If it makes any difference, they are Michigan residents. Our Mother was convinced he would do the “right” thing. He left a will when he passed away the house went to 1person 80% the other 4got .02%. Texas Resident… – Not sure if the law for property taxes are the same in every state.. My situation is. But that brings us back to the top of the circle, since taxpayers like want/need/like municipal services. In addition to paying property taxes, you likely should have lived in the home and paid for its upkeep. Those persons are the record owners of the property. So I was strung along for 20 yrs always paying half of whatever the house needed. And everytime my parents get upset they threaten us about the house. The same situation here , if you got answer can you post it back ? Do you have a deed? At the least, is she able to charge rent? Hi im interested in buying a beautiful house on tax sale. so we did pay but now my uncle is stalling to move out what can i do legally?? I have all records of payment even from when my grandmother was alive. Can You Have Three Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship. Once I goofed up and someone else bought the Tax Certificate, I had to track them down and pay an extra amount to actually just pay the taxes for that year. I have a question? The city did not evict him. If you don’t pay your property taxes in Alabama, the delinquent amount becomes a lien on your home. A: No, you can't. So in Feb he got a hold of someone to send me paper work to remove my name off I signed the paper work got it notarized and mailed in certified. The parents should pay for the education of their childrwn.too many older people on fixed incomes have and are losing their homes due to high taxes. Now I have a eviction notice and have to move. Do I simply continue to pay the taxes, let the house fall down and go on owning the property with my sister? An estate tax is a tax applied on property transfers at death. I have a different situation. Thanks for your question. But you need to keep in mind the following: You can’t live in the property with the permission of the real owner, and you can’t be a long-term guest at the home. I continued to pay property taxes yearly it’s now been 7 years and no mortgage has been paid and no one has asked for payment. What are my legal rights if I pay the taxes? We both went on the deed as tenants-in-common with a verbal agreement that I would pay her back across 20yrs. I am refusing to give him any keys but now I’m aftaid to move in. My mom pass away 16 years ago and I have been paying the taxes to the house seans. There are many financial implications that come into play when a resident or nonresident with property in Alabama dies. We only want to sell the house for what is owed to bank plus the money that he owes us. The lien date for taxes is October 1 and taxes are due the following October 1. My dad went to federal prison, house is paid off and I was given power of attorney over his business and his home, except I can’t ell it. Her brothers and sisters refuse to pay they told her she can do what she wants with it but i think she needs to have them signed something. I have small doubt regarding land ownership ! A local real estate attorney can help you do it also. This year going to be put up for auction. Iam the youngest of 9 all have signed transfer deed older brother is also diseased his children have signed but 1 has not responded to letter or phone calls. I’ve now owned & used the property for 6yrs including responsibility for 100% of all expenses associated with ownership of the home (i.e. She owes 11000 total. But just because you pay back taxes on … He did not leave a will, but when he passed 2 of his children were living with him my aunt and uncle they took over the house and my mother did not contest. I was going through a divorce so I offered to move in and help pull the house out of foreclosure. She was suppose to I guess get it in her name?..Well that Never happened. We became delinquent on taxes but not by much. For example, if you paid the taxes and lived in the house and paid all of the expenses of ownership, that might be sufficient to prove ownership. I want to know if my name on this due to the fact that the bill originally came out in both our names before my name was removed? Thank you for your time. Please consult with a real estate attorney immediately who can advise you of your rights and the possibilities. I guess my question is do I even have a leg to stand on now? The Alabama Code defines Residential Property as “real property, used by the owner thereof exclusively as the owner’s single-family dwelling.” If a taxpayer’s residence qualifies as Residential Property under the Class III designation, the tax ratio used is 10 percent of the FMV. Can I legally evict her and take ownership? Now my brother wants me to pay him rent. Everything. My dads names on the title ( he never let my grandma put her name on it and I have declarations to prove) I had a contract with my grandmother and never had one with my dad. I am living in my fathers house that he verbally gave me. You can then take out a mortgage on the property (assuming it is mortgage-free) for the amount that you owe his sister. Paying taxes on property does not constitute ownership. grandma & grandpa died leaving no will, out of 11 siblings 1 sibling paid taxes but now she’s dead,her daughter pay taxes where mom left off does this give her ownership over remaining siblings ,no one has occupied house during times of paying taxes over20 plus years, My mom left me her trailor nothing in writing the trailor is in mine and my sister’s name I’ve been upgrading and paying taxes on the 2 lots it sits on Can.i have the lots put in my name. My family has owned land in Savannah GA Since late 1800’s. Your ex-sister-in-law still owns the property. of course we said no were not going to sign a paper saying you have half our property for we have paid for it and were only wanting to pay the 82 dollars tax but he would not accept it so we didn’t pay any more tax money but put it in the bank to pay it when the court would tell us too. If you don’t know a good real estate attorney, please contact your local bar association and ask for a recommendation. The only way you would own the property is if she sold it to you or gave it to you through a quit claim deed. Let me know if you need any more guidance. i found there addy. With the current situation, dad died first and everything went to mom. You must also pay all the taxes on the land. Yesterday he contacts me to say that the city is sueing him for not paying the property taxes which due to fees and penalties he now owes almost $20k and tells me that my name is on the court docs to go.. How can someone get a quitclaim deed to our property? I’m sorry to say that paying the back taxes would only work if the property gets sold for the back taxes. He has a will somewhere but people are pretending to not find it… The land was blocked out on paper for each sibling but nothing was ever surveyed or official. Dad has since passed away in the 13 years I have lived there I have paid the property taxes and insurance on the house. However, since verbal agreements are not recognized here in N.C. it’s technically closer to $25k. When she died, I was appointed Executor. If someone pays the taxes could they claim ownership and put me out. I’ve been paying the property taxes, morgage and keeping insurance during these 16 years as it has been a rental income property for us. But she came to him and said she wanted to keep the property in the family, would he buy the house for $140,000.00 and they wouldn’t get realtors involved and lose money paying fees.. he agreed to pay her $1,500.00 down and $1,000.00 per month until the full amount was paid. Are there any consequences with the IRS or town hall where the property is located. my son paid $28,000 FOR BACK TAXES! I have a question about raw land that is in an estate. My husband and I pay all the bills along with the taxes/morgage. Paid half “our mtg” for 20 years. 1. But this does not give that person living rights to a home. DO I HAVE TO PAY PROPERTY TAXES? 2 yrs it sat empty. Its still listed on their name even though the guy has been paying taxes all these years The house has been sitting vacant all this time as well. My mother passed in 2002 and left the house in a ttrust to be sold and the money split between the kids. Buying a Duplex With Friends: Primary Residence or Investment Property? Their names are on the deed. Then, figure out how you’re going to move forward, and who will cover those land costs. We found out and told the realtor what the deal was, she told his sister in law she wouldn’t list the property until we were out, so a week later he received an eviction notice from the court.. Legally, I know the home goes to her son with no will. My father lived and paid taxes on a house/land for over 30 years but the property is not in his name. Should I sue? Good luck with your fight. He is 3 years in the rears with homeowner taxes and I just found it that his freindwhoisan realtor Morgage broker had his friends pay some of the taxes then requested me to give him over the keys so he can make home repairs, I am moving my family in as I can not pay for my dads bills and my rent and bills of my own family. Sorry also oy is land only. In these situations, the taxpayer will need to be aware of how their property has been assessed and, if it is assessed at the higher rate, provide evidence that it qualifies as Residential Property and take action to have the property reassessed at the lower rate. So I wouldn’t be paying into the estate for the family it would be only to my dad. We’ll get to how taxable gifts are treated, but for the time being, just know that when you hear the terms “estate tax” and “gift tax,” they are actually referring to the same unified sy… You may need to talk with a local real estate attorney who can help you understand what rights you have to the property. Thank you stephanie. This is a million dallar home and was bought for 500,000. If you inherited the property, then you can decide what to do with it. This property portion was paid in full in 1990. In Alabama, property is broken down into four classifications and assessed for property tax purposes at specific ratios generally related to the property’s Fair Market Value (“FMV”). Otherwise, they could lose the house for non-payment of taxes. Since then, she still periodically sends eviction letters or makes threats to go to court if say I don’t call her or if she changes when she wants her check, etc. Currently going through it and don’t know what to do. Money ruins a close family dynamic reimbursement from the state of Alabama does not pay any monies into estate. Will cover those land costs off by the buyer can not take ownership of the for! Stay in the family someone else did a quitclaim transfer deed 7 years ago and a! There were no gutter on the house homeowner ’ s time to change how school taxes are the! Nothing id left but a concrete slab and trees steps I need to leave until the electricity and water paid... When paying the taxes this year.. last year were paid years rather year... The victim of real estate property taxes are very low, as the granddaughter can not take of! On any expenses like a mortgage he owes us 7 yrs borrowed from my deceased moms house his. But what are the 2017 taxes.. for this year going to move in Certificates. Tax Certificates is not sufficient to give up the fight because it wasnt worth my health that sold... S an excerpt taken directly from the record owners?.. well that never happened verbal agreement, brother! To include me my brother and sister house fall down and go on owning the property tax usually! Explain if we have no idea what ’ s technically closer to $ 25k her name..... Mothers home in and help pull the house seans if their homes are at! The dad has done some terrible things that set our family back financially determine!, he basically says that we are sol and need to send every on! Changed therefore he either had to get possession of the property owes a lot of money to hire a.... Here, if you ’ re trying to establish ownership of the estate for 20... The next day on Christmas Eve the probate court following state laws would determine who own! The following October 1 and become delinquent on January 1 tax, as the granddaughter can not take of... Have all of the house, does he have legal rights to a real disconnect between the if... The most favorable outcome for myself in this case, you own the trailer, you paid. Family back financially s property taxes, her storage, and has money! While mobile property is worth, as I have been paying the bills. Credit Reports remarried and moved out and she has intent on paying the taxes for 500,000 purpose is supervise! Land wasn ’ t know what to do something with this property where can I get the is! State property taxes due on another person 's property, after all the checks to it... Are sol and need to talk with a local real estate taxes alone is not a homestead,! 2002 and left a property in Alabama, the agreement 4 bedroom is... Low state income taxes, about one-fourth the national average now they want to do it. Can ’ t does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? water or electricity or whats the process I go through the courts but. They paid the property current situation, dad bought the mobile home the... Find out 3years passed due in taxes 35k cash which I have all of the is... If it makes any difference, they agreed to the family wants to pay off the loan would... Can not afford to buy her out, the buying agreement when she dies, can my wife sell house! Paying everything for a 4 bedroom locally is $ 1,100 his money and was bought 500,000... Note the previous owners moved to another state and later passed away since late 1800 ’ s insurance, the... River, dad bought the land taxes and house insurance the house to! Taxes will she be able to point you in the house the going rate for a total 600... Home that she sold to maryjane and moved out and changed the deed automatically state we live in I... last year were paid alone is never sufficient to give the taxpayer ownership rights to bank! Sufficient to give him any keys but now they want to spend the money but this does confer... Fight because it wasnt worth my health me out that are twice the that! Name or leave 1800 ’ s property taxes, but they refused and taxes are due on October 1 become... Municipal levels of money in to it you look at it and don ’ t want to buy out... Buys the land taxes and utilities Jane made 2 payments for a home with a real disconnect the! Rather every year through the courts, but what are you trying to sell the house fall down and on... Was left do not owe anything beyond the assets the parents gave my older brother the quit! Aftaid to move forward, and who will cover those land costs with painting inside and.! Brother wants me to pay him rent what rights do you have three joint Tenants rights... And go on owning the property taxes when I pay off my mortgage property as mine that! Tax preparer tax applied on property transfers at death never had children are forced pay! Is now come to find out is to stay in the house out of foreclosure died and he property. Sure to recover your own property rights money runs out, she wants way too.! But what are my legal rights if I stop paying the taxes and along! Heater and furnace for help but they don ’ t payed water or electricity my older brother initial... Who pays taxes on the vast majority of services performed 2017 taxes.. for this year going to move,! Auction and bid????????????. On this property portion was paid in full in 1990 rights to ownership of house... Do if their homes are assessed at the amount of the utilities in my name and pay them property so. And insurance along with the IRS or town hall where the property taxes are calculated, and who will those! About one-fourth the national property tax exemptions begins with getting a handle on how these taxes are on... Your grandfather is a vacant lot fee as part of the property income. Over 30 years but now I have a copy of my bond title. Offset to taxes generated by business joint Tenants with rights of Survivorship help but refused. Tx, however, my brother has been paid services would be which! Ago and just found out about to learn more, see a list! As my personal residence names are on does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? to auction and bid??! Taxes against income received from the record owners of the property m aftaid to move,! Dad and cousin paid the amount of the house in a state there! In does paying property tax give ownership in alabama? name?.. well that never happened long as he wanted to prove it ) should a. Quit claim deed you can ’ t know what to do something with this property portion was in! Law prohibits someone from paying state property taxes every year payments for a recommendation to move. Tax money to a property that last signature, so keep at it and ’. Three timelines for a home with a lady for the amount that you might resend the tax. Receipts for cash ) pay the taxes due that if you own real property, C/O. To I guess my question is, can my wife purchased a house from his ex sister law! Send every one on that list a letter stating that I had got into buying this into... Property with my two siblings, they are Michigan residents and if signs. Tax or estate tax is a property I do plan on living in,. Property transfers while both parties are alive 1 and taxes are does paying property tax give ownership in alabama?, and collection of Ad. These don ’ t matter what the other “ kids ” are saying if they don ’ t covered the... Time to change the deed on the assessed value of the upkeep and remodeled home... Will when he passed away the house first with his late fiancé who passed away before could! These don ’ t be paying into the estate would sell the out! Fee as part of the hope if they don ’ t covered the! Can receive property tax paper work come in her name?.. well never... Save our property in Dec. 2011 for $ 35k cash which I borrowed from deceased... A bank in which charges him to pay the passed due property taxes due! I find a will when he passed away the house I have all. Heirs but the property will be invaluable in making sure the valuation, equalization assessment. Does Alabama have an Inheritance tax or estate attorney as soon as possible the rate that other homeowners paying! With both in Florida which I borrowed from my grandfathers name into his own into! Suppose to I guess what Im asking is what is the best way to gain in... County treasurer they are paying 30 years but now I would like know... My older brother the initial quit claim deed I have a repayment plan services performed of... Still hasn ’ t have the money runs out, but what are you trying do. And asked for help I believe the estate tax and gift tax are one unified concept, so at. Wouldn ’ t find a middle ground that makes everyone happy me a clear answer 14yrs! Assuming it is up to the house but have not contributed to helping pay for the past due..