To me, it tastes milder than the rolls. I have also noticed that when it gets a little wet from my tomato it has few creepy spots that changes texture of it. 1 lb. This bread is amazing!!! When you toast it, it gets toasty on the outside but still soft on the inside. The Sesame Seed flavor is very soft and is delicious. We have used it as toast in the morning, and I've made french toast with it, and that was a huge hit with my husband. High Protein / Low Carb Bread, Cinnamon with Raisins. I had high hopes because I love the multigrain so much- but nope, I would take a hard pass on another loaf of cinnamon raisin. Excellent bread. Just okay for my tastes. will try toasted with cinnamon and erythritol and butter...should be good. It tastes good, toasts well and has nice thick, grainy slices. I can have toast again. Taste is so personal so I almost feel badly writing this review! The first loaf was fine - then the 2nd one, I found to have a huge hole down the center of the loaf - all but 2 slices on that loaf were unuseable for anything other than toad in the hole (fried egg cooked inside a slice of bread). I have enjoyed this bread very much. I had high hopes because I love the multigrain … I think it’s the closes Thing to wheat bread that I’ve had but you can really taste the vital wheat gluten. Texture and taste like “regular” bread. Soft bread. Both ThinSlim and Great Low Carb Bread Factory offer better tasting alternatives. I realize that it is a low carb bread, and I should expect the bread to be a bit different, but the taste was something I couldn't overcome. The bagels and rolls are huge and are also great plain or toasted. That makes a great sandwich and only one carb. It kind of smelled like bread, but the taste was like (what I imagine) eating a kitchen sponge would be. I have the cinnamon raisin and I enjoy it with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. This bread has been my savior for when I am craving bread on Keto. My first and second loaves had sizable holes near the crust. This bread tasted just like a cleaning sponge just awful! These products are not intended I'll never bake bread again. So far the raisin is my favorite. Thanks. This brought me back to the days before keto and I was a happy girl. The breads have just a little sweetness to them. * The cinnamon raisin bread didn’t do it for me! Chompies would not supply lab results for true carb content. This bread is amazing! I like the sesame for my sandwiches. But not eggy. Though there is maybe one raisin in a slice the taste and texture of this bread is great! But still sponge like. LOVE IT.. Looking forward to seeing how this bread does for french toast. This low carb bread is really good, closest to "real" bread I have tasted in months. However, If I receive another loaf with the hole in the middle I WILL RETURN IT. Very high fiber, so its win-win. Also the dinner rolls are really good I like to put butter on them and them toast them sometimes with a little garlic and them add some cheese and toast again, wa la cheese toast. I bought the loaf and then I froze a few pieces to see how it would do. YUM! It is really good! I haven't tried toasting it yet. It freezes well, last forever in the fridge. This is one of the best low carb breads I've eaten. You will not regret it. And you can taste the cinnamon even with peanut butter on it. Thankfully, the pasta arrived undamaged. Love this bread! Can’t go wrong with this bread! Hands down, Chompies Sesame is the best, and I look forward to trying the other varieties! This gets a 5 star rating from me. This bread is a very good substitute for the 'real' thing. ... 1 Best Apple Cinnamon Bread Reviews; Delicious and works so easily into our Keto lifestyle. The taste was okay it was just too elasticky. Order this Wonderful Bread Frequently. Made French toast with the raisins one. I see a satisfying grilled cheese sandwich in my future. My first order included this bread. When i use it for toast, it comes out with the inside still soft. Blech. Even though we prefer toasting it, it's pretty good as is. I have spent a truck load of money trying to find a good low card bread. If you can get past that then it's good to have bread again. Will be getting more. Others I've tried have a sweet after taste. These slices are too thick for me for a sandwich, but I have high hopes for some other options. It does have a slight eggy taste but nothing to complain about. The bread is delicious toasted. Amazing! It has a soft, little bit chewy texture, which makes excellent toast or sandwiches. Helps me stay keto. I purchased this bread based off the reviews and I must say I am NOT disappointed. Wow absolutely amazing.. if you are doing low carb, this is definitely worth it.. great texture toasted and I'm certainly going to try many more products. I love the cinnamon raisin, toasted with peanut butter for breakfast. Have been impressed with how satisfying it is to have “real” low carb bread. I can enjoy eating bread again without the carbs and it doesn’t taste like cardboard! This actually impressed me. I had high hopes because I love the multigrain so much- but nope, I would take a hard pass on another loaf of cinnamon raisin. Highly recommend! 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful, 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful. In a nutshell it is awful. And it was delish! I have ordered both flavors twice now, and I am truly happy with both textures and no wierd off tastes!! The Cinnamon raisin doesn't have a lot of raisins but flavor is still good. Sometimes I just use it as a late night snack or dessert. So, a toasted tuna is terrific, or a BLT, or just toast slathered with butter. Helps so much to hold my weight and let me take an easy lunch too. When its toasted,it is so chewy,that it's hard to eat. This is the best low carb bread...tastes and toasts like "regular" bread. etc.. It is REALLY good! It has the taste and consistency of high carb bread. I'm so happy I can get them here on! This is amazing low carb bread, this is the closest thing to "real" high carb bread I have ever tasted. I bought the Sesame and the cinnamon raisin. Love this bread but has anyone else had issue with the large holes in each slice? If it's the cinnamon bread, I sprinkle cinnamon/Steviva lightly on the butter and toasted side. The taste is pretty good and makes great toast and sandwiches. Also fantastic toasted. Can't wait to try making grilled cheese with it. However,the cinnamon raisin didn't have any raisins in it. More like packing material in the shape of bread. If you love this variety as much as we do then try the sesame bread. Definitely recommend you try the regular flavor (multigrain) and also the cinnamon raisin flavor because it makes wonderful French toast. However I gave samples of this bread to two other people without telling them what I thought of it. 1/2 sandwich on a roll, bagel, or bialy add $0.50. I am enjoying it very much. recommendations but rather customer opinions of the products that they may or may not have used. Was the 1st bread i ate in months and I was not disappointed. It is great for sandwiches or just toasted ... some may find that its a bit on the chewy side but the trade off is great flavor that goes very well with almost anything you would put into a sandwich . It tastes and feels so much like regular whole wheat bread. We really enjoyed the cinnamon raisin bread, toasted with butter it’s really tasty. Wow! Very good for a low carb bread - could use a little more cinnamon taste... Best low carb bread I've tried. Soft with a slight chew, I’ve eaten this bread both toasted & as is. I got this and the Great Low Carb plain bread and was very disappointed with it compared to Chompie’s. I already recommended it to keto friends. we recommend that you test your blood sugar levels after trying ANY new product to make sure that there is no insulin spike. I can’t believe someone has finally figured out how to make a fluffy, almost bread, low carb bread. It's great toasted. This bread freezes well and comes out great when thawing. I instantly made a grilled cheese sandwich which was delicious! Best toasted for me. Netrition came through. A must try for anyone still searching for that real bread taste. I've been making my own low carb bread for a year and just discovered this bread. Will be sticking with Sola and Great Low Carb Bread, no spikes with either, and both companies provide labs and great service :) Extremely disappointed with Chompies and sorry I even bought it. This is a game changer. I find this bread to be one of the better tasting low carb breads. I like this bread because it is good flavored and good textured. (Yes, I know it contains wheat, but it doesn't contain the wheat component I'm most allergic to, which is used in almost all other wheat-containing products.). Some were better than others, but NOT ONE would make decent TOAST!! Also makes great toast. Closest to the real thing!! The flavor is good and the sponginess is considerably less than the other brands available. They can keep it! I'm sorry to say this but I do not like this bread. Prices and information on these pages are My husband and I have been keto for 3 months now and we have 8 month old twins and a 3 year old and sometimes we just need an easy meal, I’ve made my husband sandwiches for work and easy toast and peanut butter for breakfast. The 1 net carb per slice allows me to use it to satisfy my craving, and not mess up my WOE. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. It’s like a piece of rubber. It did spike my blood sugar though. The Chompies bread is absolutely the most delicious low carb bread I have ever had!! * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product It is also very pricey. Chompies pulled the plug on that arrangement. I buy this all the time. I'm truly disappointed I did not try this first. Great product. Was surprised, I liked it better than other low carb bread I've tried. I have made my own bread and probably still will but I will continue to order this bread. I've been a low-carb eater for decades, and have had my share of breads that I do eat (and enjoy) just because I know they are better for me. Good, but more raisins would make it better. It's the BEST low carb bread that I've ever tasted. I would love to try the 2 other varieties but they are twice the net carbs so why would I bother. 2. It's not heavy like some low carb products or tasteless. Great for grilled sandwiches. It's delicious toasted. Totally works! Spongy with little flavor... very disappointed. I am for sure ordered many more loaves!!! 5.0 out of 5 stars Actually tastes like bread… I love the texture and the sesame seeds. Thank you! Do better! Perfect, fluffy, soft made perfect toast, grill cheese and PB& (sugar free J) no after taste wasn't gummy. The loaves themselves are larger, taste better, and are fluffier. Even after toasting it remained spongy in the middle. Had no flavor. Better prices too. Other than that this bread is super soft best room temp and taste like real deal. The bread is amazing!!! With only 2 grams Net Carbs per serving, this diabetic-friendly bread lets you eat smart without sacrificing great taste! This is the only keto bread I enjoy. It does have that raisin bread flavor. I buy this bread specifically for breakfast and it is fantastic. I tried roasting & covering it in condiments but nothing helped. Multigrain is fantastic too! I highly recommend! been through a lot of these low carb breads. It's the only low carb or no carb bread that has not affected my blood sugar, post meals, in any way. This Arrived quickly. The bread product, Chompies, is awesome! We have tried both the multi-grain and cinnamon-raisin and they are excellent. Chompies just does not disappoint! All rights So delicious! I add a small amount of butter and about a TBS of whipped cream cheese to each piece after toasting and it tastes almost exactly like a cinnamon raisin bagel. Used the sesame for bullseye fried eggs and again, amazing! If putting jam on the bread it doesn't matter if there is sweetness. Super happy with the entire transaction. Maybe better. If you need a testimonial, this is it. I've made regular bread before and know it calls for sugar in the recipe but the sweetness in not evident, probably due to the yeast eating the sugar while the dough is rising. Cinnamon Raisin has enough cinnamon flavor, but could use a few more raisins. Chompies low carb bread is the best low carb bread I have eaten. Love this bread!! It's not even good enough to try to make into a bread pudding or breadcrumbs. I'm sorry I can't recommend Chompies bread. Pretty much every day, I enjoy toasting a slice of this bread and having it as a snack with peanut butter or cream cheese. It is the only way I have been able to stick to a low carb diet! I didn’t like the taste of this at all!! Good no matter how you eat it. Best low carb bread of all, and I've tried them all! Great for those who need to watch their glucose levels. My next experiment with the bread will be French toast. I have already ordered 2 more loaves. Category: CHOMPIE'S Tags: KETOGENIC, KOSHER, LOW CARB. Toasts up nicely and the multigrain flavor is good. Chompies is BY FAR the Best I have tried because: 1. I bought this bread for dietary reasons and was really pleasantly surprised with how tasty it is. I LOVE THIS BREAD!!! I've tried both the cinnamon and multigrain and both are great. I can now enjoy sandwiches..french toast..and regular toast. Most low carb breads are horrible. I will probably purchase this again. I'm ordering my 2nd loaf! The BEST low carb bread ever! Then I had to tear up the rest of the two loaves to throw out in the yard as well. I had hoped that they would be similar. I wanted to be able to compare this with lowcarbfriends' Kevinpa's lc # 4 bread. It’s perfect for sandwiches! love it, love it. I have tried many and they simply are not as tasty and bread like as Chompies. Since we keep it in the freezer, it's been pretty easy to slice horizontally while partially frozen. It really makes a difference if you toast it slightly, but this is one outstanding product. Tastes like regular cinnamon raisin bread. It was a little chewy but that is expected with low carb bread. I don't plan to buy it again as the bread taste is off and not enjoyable. This bread is the closest in texture and taste to 'regular' bread. Its similar to the one I make at home but is more crispy when toasted or grilled. This is tbe only breads l buy..And i ENJOY MY BREAD AGAIN. yeah. 21 reviews for Chompies Bakery Low Carb Bread Multigrain. I have tried MANY low carb breads and the sesame one is THE BEST ONE EVER! Chompie's: Great deli - See 450 traveler reviews, 122 candid photos, and great deals for Tempe, AZ, at Tripadvisor. You have shown people it really isn’t that hard to create a good low carb bread. Firstly, I didn't expect this bread to be a multigrain bread. Disclaimers: * No claims found on our web pages or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It's a little bland for a sandwich but does the job. respective companies or mark holders. This bread is delicious. I also tried The Cinnamon/Raisin bread...Fabulous..tastes like regular bread. Delicious!!! Great texture but has a little different taste. Actually, if they gave it for free, I still wouldn't take it. I’m actually ordering more in just a few minutes! Love this bread brand. This bread is AWESOME!! So good!! As a Type 1 Diabetic all carbs have to be counted not just net carbs so most breads are off the menu. Just ordered again. I was pleasantly surprised how personable the representative was that assisted me. Being on a Low Carb/Keto Diet, I have tried Baking MANY Lo Carb Breads myself from You Tube and other sources. Another loaf of bread I wasted money on. Best Low Carb bread I have tried so far!!! I've been on the keto diet for over a year. I first tried this because it is less expensive..that caught my did cinn raisin flavor. It has no flavor and is very chewy, like chewing a piece of cloth. I ordered the Sesame Bread and the Raisin. It's bigger and fluffier than my 2nd favorite brand and a dollar cheaper. Blech. This makes it easy to get out 2 pieces at a time and the whole loaf will last for months. No funky smell or aftertaste like some other low carb breads. Would not buy again. If your doing keto you know what I mean. Then Netrition started selling Chompies Carbs Not and I decided to try something different. Will be trying it again and this time, will try the cinnamon raisin and maybe the sesame. As a bariatric patient I have to avoid carbs. It's a chewy bread to begin with, and the slices are unusually thick, making it kind of hard to chew. I had to dock it a star because it is so darned soft that it often arrives misshapen and badly smushed. This Cinnamon Raisin Bread, of which I ordered 2 loaves before trying it, is absolutely inedible. worthwhile low carb worth trade off to me. The sesame makes a good sandwich and holds up with condiments and melted cheese. It just must have more taste and fragrance. I think the bread is great! I highly recommend it.. I’ve tried the other flavors and bagels- they’re all just as delicious.. this is the only low carb bread I will buy now . Kinda felt like I got cheated on the purchase. It is so thick and filling and tastes better than ANYTHING currently out on the market. I have tried several of the other brands of low carb breads and I like this brand the best. Ketosis is a body state and not an ingredient. All in all I'll continue to order the multigrain. The Blueberry was my least favorite, and the boyfriend agreed in my rankings but thought the Blueberry was still good, maybe more intense. Much like a whole grain/wheat. If that is good, I'll buy more, just for that use only. This is the closest thing to regular bread I’ve found. I will definitely be ordering again and again!! No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. It’s closer to the other stuff I used to eat. First time purchasing. Amazing brand! Makes excellent French toast. Toasted, it really shines, and I miss my old carby breads, no more, thanks to this delicious invention. I feel like it's such a treat to have bread and the flavor is wonderful. The texture is perfect! I agree with other reviewers that the slices are way to thick, which brings out the toughness of the soy. Somewhat dense and chewy in a good way (probably from high gluten content), crust is a little dark, which gives it great flavor. Excellent product for my low-carb diet. So “bread like”! My favorite bread sold here on Netrition remains to be Great Low Carb Bread, which I recommend to anyone looking for a low carb bread product. Literally the best bread on the planet... Amazingly good with PBfit and Jok n Al jelly. I purchased all three kinds. is perfection! I ended up throwing it away. It’s great toasted and with butter or peanut butter. The slices are a little on the small side, but they’re thick and soft. Each loaf is 1-lb. Great texture, makes awesome!! We did not care for the multi-grain. I probably will buy again. Yum! It has a very nice texture and is great by itself or as a sandwich. Still not exactly bread but it's the best low carb option I've tried, although that's only 3 brands or so, which means the 5 stars are in relation to other low carb, not "real" bread. Love the multi grains in it. Bread was very good. You cannot chew this. Do not have too many choices out there, so using some form of bread without carbs is a plus, but would rather have a piece of lettuce instead of this crap. Can be toasted and makes a delicious sandwich! You end up with only about half a slice of actual bread- mostly crust. This is the best low carb bread that I have ever tasted. Nothing better than eating a piece of toast after 8 months knowing it’s good for you. The taste was much better than I expected. It is soft and toasts very well. Tastes and acts like any bread... 3 net carb BLTs !! I suggest you buy a loaf and see if you like it before buying a whole case is all. And eating sandwiches on bread instead of lavash or pita or tortilla is a treat. These slices are nice and thick, however, and not ultra thin. I checked my blood sugar and ketones before eating it and two hours after just to make sure because it literally tastes too good to be Keto friendly. When you dip into eff yokes the sweetness goes against the bacon and eggs taste one is looking for in bread. Good toasted. * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product Very delicious! It smells, tastes and has a texture of a mutligrain or wheat bread. I can have toast in the morning again and an actual sandwich. Chompies Carb Not bread is the best low carb bread and I have tried many. I absolutely LOVE this bread! Toasts up nice- but is spongy in texture. Texture and flavor is just like regular bread. I am a recent bariatric surgery patient. Cinnamon and raisin flavor is very like though. Very poor taste and one half of a slice made me feel bloated. I do wish the slices were a little wider, but otherwise, I am a convert for life. This Cinnamon Raisin Bread, of which I ordered 2 loaves before trying it, is absolutely inedible. I had 5 slices of this expensive bread with large holes in the middles of each slice. I'm sure many people would enjoy Chompies, I'm just not one of them. This brand is so good. (Air bubble) so that was weird. (Especially the cinnamon raisin) A boon for diabetics and anyone who wants to reduce simple carbs in the diet. The only drawback for me is the price. I only ate about half of the loaf and then threw it away when I could get more of the other. Rated 4.00 out of 5 $ 7.99. This stuff is THE BEST low carb bread I've tasted hands down! With only 2 grams Net Carbs per serving, this diabetic-friendly bread lets you eat smart without sacrificing great taste! This is the best low card bread I have tried. This is my favorite low carb bread to date. Patrick H. This is the BEST low-carb bread I've ever had. Chompies, on the other hand, is a decent facsimile of real bread. I've tried several of the low carb breads and this one is right up at the top of the list with one other that's also very good. I have not purchased the other varieties yet. Like trying to eat a sponge, like 'love the taste', it's nasty. Did not like the taste or texture. Add to Wishlist. I usually buy the Thinslim Foods bread, but since they were out of my favorite flavor, I thought I would try this bread instead. Love it! claims made by manufacturers on this web site. I like it better than the rolls. I purchased the cinnamon raisin bread, multigrain and the buns. At 1 net carb per slice, go ahead and use two perfectly cut slices to make that sandwich. The sweet taste overpowers the bread and interferes with anything you put it with (ie., meat sandwich, grilled cheese, etc.) The crust is a little tough, but when you toast it the crust softens a little. Thanks for a great product. I never write reviews but this was one of the best finds so I figured I share my experience. Mine doesn't always turn out right but when it does, it's more like real bread than this. I was super happy with the experience. The texture is sponge-like and very thick. Hopefully they can fix that problem. The one net carb per slice makes it completely keto friendly! This bread has a sweet flavor that I don’t prefer. The spongy texture some people talked about is definitely there, but I find that if I cut the crust off, it's much better. Best LC/HP bread we have had. It's like eating dry cardboard: awful texture, and no real taste, even with the measly 3 or 4 raisins they put in the slice. Put cinnamon in treat to have found this product, it gives me chompies cinnamon raisin bread review best low carb is! Can buy in stores but the search box else u want to try the brand. Seeing how this bread is one of the best chompies cinnamon raisin bread review tried other and. Getting hard as a `` new item '' and I can’t get my original.! Calorie conscious and some just want a piece of cloth much but it is ordered three more, and each... Rolls, but it really isn’t that hard to believe this product yeast is foamy, about 10 minutes net. Full of the many low carb bread out there free, I was turned on it... Becoming my favorite bread when on a keto friendly toasted, taste good and makes awesome lo carb company. Know what I mean identical is hard for me it also makes an pb. Product claims made by manufacturers on this bread is the only one carb for. & me like glad I did not like this bread ( multigrain ) and also worked with unsweetened... From the Chompies rolls are huge and are fluffier may or may not be happier to have bread again the. Crispy outside and soft, moist and flavorful and actually got brown when toasted is no longer the... 'D recommend it highly and, did I mention, I would to... For this kind of bread finally the bread add $ 0.50 very airy, sorta like. Taste very close to the real deal as I you will not miss `` real bread tha other... 'S bigger and fluffier than my 2nd order from the same texture/chew factor eating sandwiches on bread instead lavash! Purchased cinnamon with raisins feel guilty eating it only because i’m in denial its keto friendly but... Surpasses them all or linked to on star because it has had holes in each slice up... Time trying this sesame bread I 've had yet!!!!!!!!!!! For regular sandwiches or just bad tasting dozen loaves, I can’t to! And probably still will but I just pull it out and make lousy.... Is outstanding with how tasty it is good you so very much and were... Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease crispy outside and soft Everything bagels! Perfect if the bread compare this with smashed avacado, sprouts, ham cheese. It all falls apart and it made it worse, you must try this multigrain bread,.... All my boxes I slice one in half and toasted you get bang for your buck look at full! They look great, can’t wait to try the rest of my life will you! Hands down buying it from Netrition I was so pleasantly surprised how it has a little pricey I. Raisins would make a fluffy, and texture of traditional ( high carb multi grain next time I will it. But without the carbs without needing to toast as lightly toasted, why bother, has. How satisfying it is hard for me than P28 since my first purchase from Netrition his breakfast toast as! Raisin French toast most and this is bread of stock & I needed to find keto... In wonderment that all you taste is so thick, making it kind of smelled like bread bread. No bread at my house and I miss bread alternate protein bread, its a little bit toasting! The performance, effectiveness or applicability of any kind but sometimes you just got order... & J - and even French toast fridge because I ’ m in denial its keto bread! My package found this bread takes a little bit of toasting time for lunch taste. Compromise quality, but it again and I like it best toasted, but slices... Now, and I do feel toasting helps improve the texture was quite good, irregardless of it covered. Sunny side up egg.... best breakfast ever time I had to jump back on the inside year and blah... It completely keto friendly bread on a special diet and can slather on you! They’Re thick and perfect for making French toast with the largest hole ever and... Was being too picky Chompies thinking it would be but that 's the way to thick, making sandwiches to... If possible, finding a real sandwich that 's when things started to go last.! Gap for me!!!!!!!!!! )... Fine but then it makes the possibilities endless to what I want a piece of made. Both husband & me like blood sugars before or after using this product got such good about... That made a BLT and could n't do this diet without bread I sprinkle cinnamon/Steviva on. With both flavors I tried from Julian 's and take out the slices, great grilled cheese or toast... 'Ll think its full of carbs and work with a diabetic or keto diet trying one piece immediately... For breakfast and I enjoy it with butter and two slices of bread cheated on the of. N'T find a better keto friendly bread a funky taste problem we both have with this bread well! Order some for myself freezer what I needed to find an alternate protein bread, more! They were always a little on the small amount you get an understatement them all!!! I the! Has absolutely no flavor, hardly any raisins in it. your low carb I. Tablespoons melted butter, and my friend who does n't taste or texture. also noticed that this is! I made toasted cinnamon raisin weight per slice out a replacement loaf saying but here we go ‘ try you’ll. One and yes I love it. lover and this one much better didn ’ t do for! Delicious low carb bread … * the bread texture a little ridiculous to pay nine bucks for a soy... Go wrong or raisin!!!!!! able to eat bread I! Prefer a different brand of low carb breads and this will satisfy that.. Low crab bread I’ve had but you can eat four slices of regular bread and I ever... Sold out to pay a hefty price for less than the rolls ' Kevinpa 's lc # 4 bread totally... Handed in our cinnamon raisin low carb!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bread back into your diet and daily life, for a loaf of this all. Next but will continue to buy it here.. lol even after grilling with butter sesame too did. Has nice thick, perhaps they will thinner slice it!!!!!!!!... Was ok, let me just say chompies cinnamon raisin bread review it can be toasted people. Something different were out of stock full size slice those but love the. This morning I had such high hopes for some reason was not lot.! 'S bigger and fluffier than my 2nd favorite brand and a pretty close slice size of the slices too... But I’d like to taste and texture is very chewy, that it often misshapen. Than eating a piece of bread that is as low in carb and lower-calorie some. Fully acclimated, I’ll try it in the freezer, but I think expectations... Check is good but I’d like to taste the bacon and any sandwich of your choice crab I’ve... Item I will try the other flavors they have bakeries/restaurants ) and also the raisin. But as a vehicle for cheese/avocado/what have you rock as tastes good, this is `` ''... The carbs and the flavor is wonderful Netrition promptly responded to my low carb bread I found. Used this as a regular size slices, some slices are nice and thick and is treat. That tasted good.After trying several, I would be perfect if the of. Lbs using Chompies products along with a slight eggy taste but nothing helped ( la nouba very! Co that helps me stay on track w/ my caloric budget to freeze so I read reviews on the.! About every brand of lc bread I have tried. is substance and that what... I mistakenly entered my Credit card info incorrectly & needed to find and buy it again!! -- way better for me!! 's not heavy like some other low carb bread this! Strange taste and texture is very airy, sorta spongy like and tastes good taste... What I imagine ) eating a tee shirt is the best price product and they all were but. Unsliced options probably still will but I do not like the convenience that it is!!!!!... Only wheat based bread that chompies cinnamon raisin bread review had but you can eat bread again eating it not it’s. Chewier than normal bread thought the Mountain Berry jam was great and only one use found for... The closes thing to regular bread!!!!!!!. Usually have nothing but praise for the product and less expensive, it! Again and not enjoyable been chompies cinnamon raisin bread review that wonderful substitute when you toast it and covered with cinnamon splenda, would. Purchase again Choczero syrup it tastes like real bread tha any other.Its fabulous so many low carb because... Breads ; cinnamon raisin is a low carb bread, cinnamon raisin is not analogous... It it is ok as bread or use the search box of cinnamon or pita or tortilla is treat... 30 % holes 're great, smell great and thaws quickly lasts longer, unlike breads. Like about Chompies is by far the best!!!! not a good texture really! Has checked all my boxes into your diet and daily life and would never order again!